Top-Notch Tanning Equipment

Our tanning equipment will give you the best tan with the BEST value in Eugene. All of our tanning options provide a comfortable and relaxing experience with outstanding results.

We offer very affordable prices in a variety of memberships and packages to fit your specific tanning needs. Learn more about our tanning beds, stand-up booths and UV-free spray tanning below.


Don't forget to check out our special offers, and ask our friendly staff if you need assistance.

VersaSpa UV-Free Spray-Tan Booth

Get the tan you've always wanted, completely UV-free, with our sunless tanning booth. This high-tech spray tan system provides gentle skin care and an even, bronzed color tan. No streaking and very natural looking, preventing you from getting the "orange glow" look.

Level IV

X2 Solarix by Tan America 12 MIN Tan Time

The Solarix X-2 high pressure tanning bed gives twice the tan in only 12 minutes. It is a 360 degree high pressure bed that surrounds you with 33-800 watt high pressure tanning lamps and two of the banks rotate the lamps from side to side to ensure a very even tan.


It takes about 48-Hours to see maximum results from a high pressure tanning session. The results are richer deeper and longer lasting. Once you are tan using High Pressure tanning equipment, it is recommended to tan about once every three – four days to main your tan.

Level III

Malibu by Tan America 12 MIN Tan Time

A 72 hour bronzing premium bed offering optional facial lamps. This bed provides even upper body tanning and tone while giving you a healthy dose of vitamin D in the process. One of our most popular beds

Level II

Pacifica by Tan America 15 MIN Tan Time

Our most powerful UVB bed, Pacifica offers 9.5% UVB rays. This bed gives quick results that you can really see. With optional high intensity face lamps this is a great bed for a more experienced tanner.

High Performance SunUp II by Tan America

Enjoy our ultrafast stand-up. If you don't feel comfortable in a tanning bed or just want to even out your tan, then our high performance SunUp II is the ideal solution. Choose this option for an incredible bronze result in just 12 minutes. 


The High Performance SunUp II is a Level III machine and a steal as we have made this priced with our Pacifica Level Membership.

Level I

VIP - Fiesta 15 MIN Tan Time

This High Output system has been an industry favorite building customer loyalty by offering a system with unparalleled tanning results. The Fiesta doesn’t sacrifice luxury or comfort. With surround sound, and its own foot end air system, you’ll see why this systems known as the “Workhorse of the Industry”.

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