Experience the epitome of tanning excellence in Eugene with our state-of-the-art hybrid tanning equipment. Elevate your tanning journey with the perfect blend of value and quality. Each of our tanning options guarantees a comfortable and soothing experience, delivering exceptional results.


Explore a range of affordable memberships and packages tailored to meet your specific tanning requirements. Uncover the details about our advanced tanning beds, stand-up booths, and UV-free spray tanning options below.


Don't miss out on exclusive special offers, and feel free to reach out to our friendly staff for any assistance you may need. Your radiant tan awaits!

VersaSpa UV-Free Spray-Tan Booth

At HMtan, we utilize an outstanding in-house formulation of DHA solution, tailored exclusively for our proprietary blend, ensuring a tan without any orange undertones. Achieve the tan you desire, free from UV exposure, through our state-of-the-art sunless tanning booth. This advanced spray tan system prioritizes gentle skin care, delivering a consistently even and bronzed tan. Say goodbye to streaks and embrace a naturally appealing look, steering clear of the undesired "orange glow" effect.

Discover the innovation of our Solarix X2, now equipped with hybrid technology. HMtan proudly presents the exclusive hybrid high-pressure tanning bed, the only one of its kind in the Eugene-Springfield area. The Solarix X2 ensures a radiant tan in just 12 minutes, offering a unique experience with its 360-degree high-pressure bed. Immerse yourself in the glow of 33 powerful 620-watt high-pressure Hybrid RLT / UV tanning lamps, with two rotating banks ensuring an even tan from every angle.


Experience the peak of results within approximately 48 hours after a high-pressure tanning session. The outcome is a richer, deeper, and longer-lasting tan. To maintain your tan, it is recommended to indulge in high-pressure tanning sessions once every three to four days after achieving your desired color. Elevate your tanning experience with Solarix X2 hybrid technology for unparalleled results.

Introducing our premier hybrid bed, the Malibu, renowned for its popularity among our clientele. This 72-hour bronzing premium bed offers optional facial lamps for a customizable experience. Experience uniform upper body tanning, enhancing tone, and receiving a healthy dose of vitamin D simultaneously. Discover the allure of one of our most sought-after beds, the Malibu, for an exceptional tanning journey.

Introducing the Pacifica Hybrid, our most potent UVB bed featuring an impressive 9.5% UVB rays. Experience swift and visible results with this bed, designed for those seeking quick and effective tanning outcomes. For the more seasoned tanner, the Pacifica Hybrid offers the option of high-intensity face lamps, making it an excellent choice for an enhanced tanning experience.

Enjoy our ultrafast stand-up. If you don't feel comfortable in a tanning bed or just want to even out your tan, then our high performance SunUp II Hybrid is the ideal solution. Choose this option for an incredible bronze result in just 12 minutes. 


The High Performance SunUp II Hybrid is a Level III machine and a steal as we have made this priced with our Pacifica Level Membership.

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